This is the most important document required for the visa, either while obtaining first Visa or the renewal of Visa. As per the government, the standard amount required to sustain in France is 625 Euros/month total 7500 Euros for one year. 

This proof of funds can be provided with any of the following document(s):

  1. Before coming to France:
    1. If your study is sponsored by your own money, get an attestation from bank about the balance in your bank account.
    2. If your study is sponsored by your family,
      1. the best way is to open a joint bank account and transfer the amount in it, then get an attestation from bank in your name.
      2. another way is to get an attestation from bank mentioning the four points: Account holder name & the person’s relation with you, money in account, your name & passport ID, mention about the person sponsoring your studies.
    3. In case of loan, get an attestation from bank about the total amount of the loan obtained.
    4. In case of a Scholarship, provide a document provided by the scholarship provider.
  2. Once you are living in France:
  3. Get it couriered to you at your address in France. Upon receiving the document, you will have to get it translated (find the nearest document translators). This will cost you an approx. 25-30 Euros per page.
  4. If you received more than 7500 Euros in the past year in your bank, you can provide the bank statements of last one year and highlight the money received with a marker as a proof (This document is not accepted everywhere, so please do check with your ISSO/Prefecture about the same).