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There are 5 main categories of residence permits that allow extended stay in France: the long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit, the temporary residence permit, the multi-year residence permit, the resident permit and the “retired” residence permit. . Further info on our Immigration Expertise page. 

Many rumors circulate about the regularization of undocumented migrants after 10 years in France. 

The 10-year law, that is to say, the issuance of a residence permit that can be given to a person who has more than 10 years of residence in France still exists, contrary to what we believe. It is possible to obtain a residence permit on this basis. It is called the private and family life residence permit .

For that, you really have to have 10 years of presence, but these 10 years are calculated from the first proof.

So, this law still exists but is nevertheless subject to the assessment of the prefecture , which may say in some cases, there are exceptional reasons and the residence permit will be issued, in other cases, there is no exceptional reason. This is a sorting done by the prefecture but in any case, if the evidence is good, you can try your luck.

Do not make certain mistakes like :

  • have different URSSAF numbers on payslips
  • provide false documents,
  • avoid documents drawn up abroad during the period when you are supposed to be in France (except marriages with power of attorney in countries that allow it).

Be aware that the prefecture is much stricter than the administrative court.

The famous ‘5-year law’ that we hear about, it’s clear, it doesn’t exist! There is no 5 years law . There is no minimum period of 5 years which authorizes you to obtain a residence permit. This 5-year period may be requested in certain cases. For example, if you apply for a salaried residence permit, or it can be an important element when you have a large part of your family who is resident in France

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