There are 4 subtypes of APS visas in total. This particular subtype is for job search purpose only. Finding a job is not easy, not impossible but also not a cake walk. One needs sometime to find the right job. 


What is APS (Authorization Provisoire de Sèjour) visa? 

APS is a special visa status given to students  who pursue an RNCP certified course or in a public university course. 

NOTE: Not all schools in France are eligible for APS status for their students, so one must enquire with their school about this. 

APS is issued only for students who have FINISHED their course i.e. finished their jury and have “attestation de réussite” or “attestation de jury” from their school. Finishing this is very important, APS can’t be given before the course is completed (which means it is issued only after the mandatory internship). Before the Recepisse / temporary APS (Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour) expires, you will have to apply for an APS that will be valid for one year and can be renewed for one extra year. You can stay, travel and start working full-time in France.

Why APS visa

Once the course is completed, ideally the student visa will expire soon. So this status allows students to live in France for some more time before finding a job and converting it to salaried status.


How long is an APS for

APS is issued 1 year + 1 year 

How to get APS? 

Once you have completed the course (get attestation de jury or attestation de réussite from the school), apply for APS  at your prefecture as soon as possible with the following documents.

  1. passeport valide (original et photocopie), (Valid passport)
  2. indications relatives à votre état civil, (Current status of visa, your bank statements) (not sure about this)
  3. un justificatif de domicile datant de moins de 3 mois, (proof of address less than 3 months old)
  4. photos d’identité récentes (entre 3 et 8 selon les préfectures), (Photographs of French standard between 3 to 8 depending on the prefecture )
  5. carte de séjour étudiant en cours de validité, (a valid student visa or carte de séjour, mark the VALID word with bold)
  6. diplôme (vous pouvez le présenter plus tard, mais dans ce cas vous devez présenter une attestation de réussite du jury). (Diploma copy or attestation de réussite du jury)


How long does it take and how to apply? 

It depends on the prefecture. There are two possibilities depending on the prefectures. 

  1. You send them an email to obtain a rendezvous. Then, you can go directly to the Prefecture on your rendezvous date with all documents and get it on spot.
  2. You mail them all the documents (by “lettre recommandé avec avis de reception”) around a week or two before and go to prefecture with the receipt of “lettre recommandé avec avis de reception” (la poste will know what this means) and collect your APS visa which looks similar to a récépissé. 
  3. If case of any rejection/obstacle, you can do it with the help of an experienced Immigration specialist/lawyer. 

Important points not to forget.

  1. Do not wait until the end moment of your student visa expiry. Try to apply for APS visa right away once the course is finished.
  2. APS can’t be applied once the student visa is expired!


Can APS be applied from India after returning ?


Yes, within 4 years of time.

Visit this site –


Apply for a “Job Search/ Business Creation visa” from India. Choose “Business” as your plan and you’ll get the above options.

This visa is valid maximum 1 year and non-renewable. This visa gives full work permit for the duration.


Note: This applies for those who did not apply for an APS while in France. Once you had an APS in France, this might not apply for you from India. 


Doing internship with APS in another country and come back to France

Can go to a different country for doing his / her internship while on APS? 

A person can come and go to and from France with an APS to any country. There is no restriction on this, as long as your APS is not expired. Of course, by APS we mean APS given to students at the end of your study.

This is precise in the circular of Circulaire NOR IMIK0900087C

The visa issue

What you need to check however, is the visa requirement of your destination country. If you are still in the Schengen area, you can go to do an internship in that country with your APS of France, provided the duration is less than or equal to 90 days. If the duration of your internship is beyond 90 days, you will need to get a long stay visa of your destination country.

In case the country where you got your internship is not in the Schengen area, you have to check with their embassy for your VISA requirement. In case you are staying in the Schengen area, check with the embassy of your destination country still, as there is always a possibility that things have changed between now when I am writing this article and when you will be going out of France with your APS for an internship. 


Changing status

What happens if you got a job during your APS ? You need to ask for a status change to your prefecture.