The 10-year resident card is a residence permit that allows its holder to reside in France for a period of 10 years. The 10-year resident card is renewable. It can be issued automatically or according to a discretionary procedure. 

The 10-year resident card concerns foreign nationals of a non-European country. Note that you are not concerned if you are of Tunisian or Algerian nationality. A specific procedure applies.

A 10-year resident card allows its holder to reside in France for 10 years and to work (as an employee or self-employed) . If you hold a 10-year residence permit, you do not need to apply for a work permit.

The 10-year resident card can be obtained in two different ways: automatically, if you meet the conditions, or discretionary (on a case-by-case basis).

10-year resident card: automatically obtained

You can automatically receive a 10-year resident card if :

  • You are the child of a French national, are dependent on him, are under 21 years old and hold a long-stay visa.
  • You are a parent, grandparent or step-parent of a French person for whom you are responsible. You hold a long-stay visa.
  • You are a refugee or stateless person.
  • You are related to a refugee or a stateless person.
  • You are the beneficiary of an annuity for accidents of work  
  • You are related to a beneficiary of a pension for accidents at work.
  • You are a veteran or legionnaire.
  • You are a young foreigner fulfilling the conditions to become French.
  • You are a victim of trafficking or pimping.


10-year resident card: discretionary 

If you are not in any of the cases listed above, your request for a 10-year resident card will be studied on a case-by-case basis. You must meet several conditions. The final decision rests with the prefect. 

Here are the conditions to be met in order to apply for a 10-year resident card  :

  • Have family ties in France and have resided in France for at least 3 years .
  • Undertake to integrate into the French Republic, to respect its principles and values.
  • Speak French.


You will be asked to sign a welcome and integration contract .

Without having family ties in France, you can nevertheless benefit from a 10-year resident card :

  • If you are the beneficiary of a protection order  (due to domestic violence ).
  • If you make an exceptional economic contribution to France . Example: you are the manager of a company that employs at least 50 people in France, or you invest at least 10 million euros in France. In these cases, your spouse can also benefit from the 10-year residence permit.


10-year resident card: how to apply?

The steps to apply for a 10-year resident card are to be carried out at the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your place of residence.

To make a request, you must complete a form and attach all the supporting documents to your file . The nature and number of documents to be provided depend closely on your situation. You must then send your complete file to the prefecture or sub-prefecture. You will receive a receipt valid for the duration of the investigation of your case.